Personalized & Mobile Fitness Training Programs
Designed for Mature Adults

At Suncoastfit we offer personalized, mobile training services provided in the comfort of your own home, at your local gym, pool or your favourite outdoor space. Whether you choose to train alone, with a partner or small group of friends we can design a program for you!

Exercise is a Basic Necessity for a Healthy, Happy Life

Physical exercise can be enjoyed at any age, and I know that certain chronic conditions can sometimes impact our health and mobility. Fortunately, many conditions that impact mobility are trainable – with the right approach. With a personalized program, built upon proven methods, you will notice improvements – often sooner than you think.  

My clients report increased ease in doing activities they love. When they are willing to trust the process and commit to doing the work they see the success for themselves.

“ .. I have struggled to find a fitness program that not only works for me, but also one that I would stick with for the long term.  Sandra was amazing.  Because of her background and knowledge, she was able to work with me to develop a personalized program that combined strength training and Pilates to meet my goals, and I love it!”
— Joni F.


Let's train together to improve your mobility and fitness at a
location of your choice here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BC.  



Do you struggle to do the activities you love? 
My specialty is working with mature clients
who wish to improve their mobility.

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