Summer Outdoor Fitness

summer outdoor fitness.jpg

Routines change in the summer.  When you are at the beach, going to the park with the kids/grandkids, travelling on summer vacation, here are some outdoor fitness ideas!

Push up bench:beach.jpeg

Bench push ups:  Choose a bench, picnic table, or driftwood log.  Get into plank position with core engaged, wrists under shoulders, and body in one line.  Bending at the elbows, lower yourself toward the bench, and then push back up.  Repeat so that the last 2 pushups are challenging!  Keep elbows close to work the back of the arms.

Triceps dips bench:beach.jpg

Triceps Dips:  Place hands on the bench shoulder width apart.  Slide your butt off the bench.  Bend elbows, lowering down, and then push back up.  Repeat about 8 times or until you are done!

Bench:beach step ups.jpg

Bench step ups:  Facing a bench, place one foot on the seat. Using power, push into the foot on the bench and lift the opposite knee.  Come down and switch feet. Alternate sides and keep going!  This will get the heart rate up.   

PS - safety first.  If balance is a concern, perform a high knee march without a bench.

Bench:beach lunge.jpg

Elevated lunge:  Face away from the bench, and place one foot behind you onto the seat.  Hands on your hips, focus your gaze for balance.  Bending into your front leg, lower and lift.  Enjoy the view!



PS - Safety modification:  this is another balance challenge and can also be done with the back foot on the ground.

Enjoy, be safe, stay fit!!!