Why I Wrote My Book (How "Walker to 30 Minute Runner" changed my husband's health - and inspired me to write my book)

My book “Walker to 30 Minute Runner” is now published and available! I was asked the question “Why did you write this book?”. It is a great question and this post is the answer.

From a preschooler, I would jump down from my chair after dinner each night and run circles around the house. As the youngest of 5 siblings, there were plenty of eyewitnesses to this nightly routine! I continued to love running through my early years.

As a young mom I rediscovered running when I joined a group of other mother-runners. After dropping my two young sons, Calvin and Nolan, off at school, I would meet up with this group where we not only got our exercise, but had running sessions that turned into therapy sessions. How to stay calm and focussed as a mom? Go for a long run with some friends and talk all the way!

In this group I met my long time running partner, Janet. When Janet said she was training for a half marathon, I thought it was way too out of my reach, but as I continued to show up to train with her I realized that it was actually possible. We went on to complete several half marathons and one full marathon.

I experienced the power of a running partner and group!

As the boys got older, I would sign the family up for 5 km and 10 km run events (Yes, I was THAT kind of mom!:)

My husband Todd worked hard and travelled often and found it challenging to stay on a fitness routine. Dealing with past injuries didn’t help. So, I developed a walk/run plan with Todd, starting at walking for 5 minutes, running for 30 seconds, completing a loop in our local park trails. We gradually added more running, less walking, and the one loop became two. And on it went. From this gradual training plan, Todd and I went on to complete 5ks, 10ks, and one half marathon running event! It was a game changer for us.

This was my introduction to how powerful The Walker to Runner Method is!

After moving to the Sunshine Coast, I started Suncoastfit and I transitioned from a career in the rehabilitation world as an occupational therapist, into the world of fitness.

As a life long lover of fitness, I learned what it meant to love your job. And I returned to my passion for running. I developed the Walker to 30 Minute Runner program based on the framework that I used with my husband in those park trails. An 8-week program with intervals that very gradually transition from mostly walking to more and more running, completing with a 30 minute run.

I started offering the clinic to the Sunshine Coast community and they quickly filled.

It has always been a thrill to see participants cross the finish line on the last day, completing their final 30 minute run! Many of them state that at the beginning of the clinic they did not see themselves really being able to run for 30 minutes.

Witnessing the success of people who completed my clinic, I decided to put the “Walker to 30 Minute Runner” concept into book format. I deeply wanted to bring the experience of shifting from being a walker to a runner to many more people. To enable people to follow a program that is slow, safe, and achievable.

Running has been a consistent part of my life and continues to have a profound impact on all aspects. The benefits of running are many, including physical benefits such as cardiovascular health, mental benefits such as reducing stress, overall health benefits such as improved sleep, and social benefits as can happen when a person joins a running group.

My wish is to bring all these benefits to the readers of my book. And to bring the love of running to a few more people in the world. Nothing compares to the ability to throw on a pair of runners and head out the door!