Outdoor exercise

Running Tips for Beginners

Ready to start on your journey to become a runner? Below are 6 tips for beginner runners:

  1. Shoes, shoes, shoes! The first and most important investment is good running shoes. Go to a store that specializes in running and have a knowledgeable salesperson assist you. Plan to spend time trying on various shoes and going for short runs in the store to try them out. Running shoes lose their cushioning over time and need to be replaced. All other purchases, such as stylish running clothes and wearable technology, can wait.

  2. Start with intervals. Your first few outings will be mostly walking. In my “Walker to 30 Minute Runner” program, our first outing consists of alternating between walking for 4 1/2 minutes and running for 30 seconds, repeated six times. The next time we increase running to 45 seconds and decrease walking to 4 minutes, and so on. These walk/run intervals will build endurance to being on your feet while safely building running stamina and strength.

  3. Add slowly. Stay at a level if not ready to move ahead. There is no need to rush to increase the amount you are running.

  4. Discover what you love: treadmill vs. outdoors, music vs natural sounds, solitary or with a group. We stick with whatever we enjoy.

  5. Register for a 5 km event when you are ready. When you can run continuously for 30 minutes, or run/walk for about 45 minutes, go ahead and find a fun event in your community. You don’t have to run the whole 5 km, you can walk as needed. Crossing a finish line is a great feeling!

  6. If you run, you are a runner! Don’t wait to tell yourself and whoever else you feel like: “Yes, I am a runner!”