You are not too old and it's not too late!

Have you ever thought about something you would like to accomplish, a goal you’d love to achieve, and thought: I wish I had started 6 months ago; 1 year ago; 5 years ago; 20 years ago ... ?
Whether that goal/ dream is related to health, career, relationships, new skills, societal contributions, or any other area, it’s not too late. You can take a step today.

What are you doing between now and age 100? 

Our life expectancy is getting longer. It is not uncommon for a person to live into their 90s, and age 100 is no longer rare. So look at the age you are now and image a life span to 100. How many years is that? How many months? Do you want to imagine all your accomplishments and dreams are behind you?

Full disclosure: I am in my mid fifties. In many ways I find this to be a fantastic time in life to start new adventures. My children are adults and no longer need my daily time, energy, and parenting. I have solid education and experience under my belt. My head is more clear about what is important and exciting to me. Often in our 20s, 30s, and even 40s, we have so much going on which may/may not include: getting an education, developing relationships, working, starting a family, setting up a home, financial concerns, raising children, advancing a career, and on and on. At the same time that our lives are so full, we feel this pressure (from ourselves? from society?) to “have it all”. It’s not enough to be a parent, or to have a job. We have to be this top notch parent (so much could be said about THOSE pressures); have not only a job, but an interesting career that shows the world your passion; follow a rigid workout schedule; travel the world (gotta get those photos); write your memoir/fictional book/screenplay; be a great daughter/son to your aging parent; and I don’t know what else! Hey, maybe give yourself a break, because guess what? You CAN start something totally new later in life.

Here is my story. This is me in my 20s, 30s, and 40s: I have a good education [B. Sc (O.T.)], a career as an occupational therapist, happy marriage, children, home. Then I took a few years off to focus on family - there were a lot of pressures/demands and it was not a good time to be putting my energies anywhere else. When it was time to get back at the career, I was fortunate to have supportive people around to help me ask this question: do I want to do something new? Yes I did. However I was in my late forties and those nagging thoughts were there. Is it too late to start something new? Am I too old? Especially looking at moving into the fitness industry! As a woman teaching fitness, shouldn’t I be in my 20s and have a ponytail???

I took courses and obtained fitness certifications, including personal training. I started working for a lot less than what I had been earning, but realized how much fun I was having. Decided to start my own business, with steep learning curves all the way. But spending half a day learning through online tutorials was more interesting to me than dusting the house (hey, that’s just me). I joined networking groups, and put myself out there in many ways. Embraced social media which up until recent years was not in my wheelhouse, and talked to myself about getting out of my comfort zone - hello fellow introverts! Today suncoastfit is thriving and I lead successful fitness groups, train private clients, and have developed a program called “Walker to 30 Minute Runner”. My most recent exciting development is the soon to be published book “Walker to 30 Minute Runner”.

It turned out that those nagging questions were just that - nagging! NOT too old! NOT too late! And the image of the 20-something with the ponytail? Those trainers are awesome too, plus I discovered there is a niche for all types of fitness trainers. Many of my clients comment that they chose me because of my age - because I was relatable. So the age thing has become an asset.

That’s my story .. but what is yours? It doesn’t have to be about career, business, or any one thing. People start running, learn to paint, take on a social project, and do so many interesting things, starting in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and on.
It’s not about looking back and thinking I should have started then. It’s about looking at today and being grateful to have today to start. What is one small step you could take. 
You are not too old and it’s not too late. 
What is your story??